Race Face

Designer:  Mara & Natha Architects

Completion: November 2017

Footprint: 30 000 SF

RaceFace head office was a very large 30,000sf design/build project that consisted of three separate components; office, warehouse and production.  Under a tight timeline, Humphries Construction and  RaceFace were able to transform a large open concrete building into 12,000sf of office, 10,000sf of warehouse and another 8,000sf to production and testing. The 2-level office showcased a large open communal work area, bordered by individual offices and large boardrooms. The warehouse featured 20’ high, engineered racking to store their product, as well as a few offices and bathroom. The production area involved the most coordination and procurement. The sophisticated equipment and machinery was highly specialized and required a lot of planning to ensure that it’s new home would accommodate it in terms of utilities. The project was a huge success and Humphries thoroughly enjoyed collaborating and working with the RaceFace Team.